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Product Name: Flex Coat of Cement Based Protective Coating
Type: JS
Package: 7.2kg/team

Product Name: Heat Preservation Mortar
Type: Heat Preservation Mortar
Package: 50 kg / bag

Product Name: High Strength Non-shrink Grout
Type: CGM-1P/CGM-S
Package: 50kg/bag

Product Name: Iron Oxide Pigment
Type: Iron Oxide Pigment
Package: 25kg/bag

Product Name: M400 (Component of JS Waterproofing Coating) Type: M400 Package: 50kg/drum

Product Name: Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer Type: PC-P / PC-F / PC-G / PC-E Package: 25kg/drum, 1100 kg / IBC Tank ,240kg/drum

Product Name: Resin Crack Pouring Adhesive

Description Tile bond is an adhesive mortar for installing all types of floor and wall tiles. It’s an unique mortar with chanracteristics of high sticking power, low water absorption, high chemical resistant with long life and easy tile installation. It may be applied to new concrete, old concrete, cement plaster, brick and block works. Application […]

Product Name: Acrylic Elastomeric Waterproof Coating
Type: Interior and Exterior Wall
Package: 25kg/drum

Product Name: Adhesive for EIFS (exterior insulation and finish system)
Type: Package: 160 kg/drum

Product Name: Cementitious Self-leveling Floor Mortar
Type: Self-leveling Floor Mortar
Package: 30kg/bag

Product Name: Concrete Interface Treatment Agent
Type: MNC-302 / 303
Package: 50kg or 200kg/drum