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Product Name: Dusting Concrete Treatment Agent
Type: Dusting Concrete Treatment Agent<> Package: 15kg/ drum

Product Name: Epoxy Floor Coating
Type: Epoxy Floor Coating

Product Name: Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer of High Slump Retention (PC-G) Type: PC-G (primary liquid) Package: 240 kg / drum 1100 kg / IBC Tank

Product Name: Corrosion Inhibitor (MNC-CI)
Type: MNC-CI

Product Name: Dynamic Load Structural Adhesive

Product Name: Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer of Ultra Early Strength (PC-E) Type: PC-E (primary liquid) Package: 1100 kg / IBC Tank , 240 kg / drum

Product Name: Water Repellent Admixture for Concrete
Type: MNC-D
Package: 40kg/bag

Description It’sgrey powder with major components of portland cement, quality quartz sand, andspecial active chemicals. Mechanism Itsworking mechanism takes water as conductor. With water leading the way, itpermeates deeply and strongly into concrete micro pores and flows in concreteinner passages. After chemical reaction, it transformed into water-insolublecrystals. The crystals incorporate into concrete structure forming a […]

Product Name: Finishing Agent
Type: Finishing Agent
Package: 20kg/drum

Product Name: Naphthalene Sulfonate Formaldehyde (SNF) Type: UNF-5 / FDN Package: 25kg / bag , 700 kg / bulk bag

Product Name: Polymer based internal curing agent of concrete

Product Name: Leaking Stoppage Agent
Type: Leaking Stoppage Agent
Package: 25kg/bag