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Product Name: Foaming Agent for Concrete (MNC-FP)
Type: MNC-FP
Package: 36 kg /bag

Product Name: Sulfate Corrosion-resistance Admixtures for Concrete (FFS-1)
Type: FFS-1
Package: 50 kg/bag

Product Name: Grounding Resistance-reducing Admixture (MNC-JV)
Type: MNC-JV
Package: 50 kg/bag

Defoamer for Dry Mortar MNC-XP Description It is a nonionic surfactant that is suitable for dry mix mortars. Its hydrophilic group is non-ionic polarity base-hydroxl and ether base, thus it has high stability and is not influenced by the pH value of mediums and the electrolyte. Functions 1. It can defoam the microbubbles, making the […]

Product Name: Special Defoamer for Polycarboxylate (PC-XP)
Type: PC-XP
Package: 160 kg /drum

Product Name: High Efficient Gypsum Retarder (MNC-GR)
Type: MNC-GR
Package: 25 kg/bag

Product Name: Non-dispersible Underwater Concrete Admixture (UWB) Type: UWB Package: 25kg/bag

Product Name: Silica Fume <br/> Type: Silica Fume <br/> Package: 15kg /-0.13kg

Product Name: Wax-based Mould Release Agent for Rail Sleeper (MNC-TS)
Type: MNC-TS
Package: 45 kg / drum