Superplasticizer in Concrete

Superplasticizer in Concrete – Project Manufacturing Know-how Transfer
Superplasticizer Production Line for AS Superplasticizer Powder (Turn-key Project) 

I. Product Description

Amino Sulfonic Acid-based superplasticizer in concrete is a new generation of high-performance admixture developed at home and abroad in recent years, with properties of low dosage, high water-reducing, high concrete strength-enhancing, low-alkali, low shrinkage, high-slump, and green environmental protection. As no pollution in the production process which meets the requirement of green environmental protection, it has been taken as key projects in developed countries. It has strong dispersion to cement particles, high-water reducing, and low air-entraining. It remarkably enhances concrete compressive strength. It may be applicable in formulating high-strength, high-fluidity, and high-performance concrete. As a result of improving the fluidity of fresh concrete, amino sulfonic acid-based superplasticizer not only shortens the mold replacement cycle and construction process but also reduces cement consumption. It becomes a high-efficient concrete admixture used in the concrete of cast-in-situ, precast, pumping, and steam-curing.

It is compatible with different kinds of cement and has no corrosion to reinforcing-bar. Superplasticizer is widely used in concrete projects such as highways, bridges, tunnels, hydraulic and hydro-electric engineering, seaports, skyscrapers, electrical engineering, and industrial/civil building.

Typical Properties

Test Items Property criteria
Visual appearance Red-brown powder(liquid)
Solid content,% ≥92 (Liquid content ≥40%)
Fineness(0.315mm remains) <=15
Cement paste flow,mm 230
Alkali content,%(Na2O+0.658K2O) <=0.5
Chloride ion content,% None
pH value 7~9


  • To obtain a high-quality superplasticizer in concrete mix with accelerated strength development and extended workability without delayed setting characteristics.
  • To provide a concrete mix with exceptional placing characteristics and accelerated cement hydration for early strength development and high-quality concrete.
  • To provide improved durability by increasing the ultimate strengths and reducing concrete permeability.

Typical Applications

  • High water reducing rate: The water reducing rate is over 30%.
  • Low slump loss: It can satisfy the requirement of long time transportation. It is ideal for ready-mix and pumping concrete.
  • Early strength: It may reach 70% of the designed strength grade in 3 days.
  • High durability: High volume stability, impermeability, anti-freezing and thawing ability makes concrete more durable.
  • Low alkali content: It can prevent the alkali-aggregate reaction. When it is used in winter, there is no crystallization.
  • AS can make high-slump flowing concrete. It allows concrete to be produced at low water/cement ratios with low or normal slump loss.

II Coverage of know-how transfer

Major raw materials for the AS know-how transfer project

Phenol, formaldehyde, sodium sulfanilate
Production Process

Superplasticizer in Concrete

Major equipment configurations (10tons/day)

Equipment name specification quantity
Reactor 5000L 1
Weighing tank 1500L 3
Storage tank 20000L 1
The platform, accessory equipment, and pipeline 1
Total 6

Technical service scope
Production formula of amino-based superplasticizer in concrete
On-site instruction on equipment installation and commissioning
On-site production training
On-site technical training
It can be a turn-key project or individualized according to customer production conditions and requirements.