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2017 Saudi International Building Materials Exhibition

MUHU Company Exhibits 2017 Saudi International Building Materials Exhibition March 27 – 30, 2017, MUHU company participated in the Saudi Arabia International Building Materials Exhibition in Saudi Arabia’s largest industrial city of Jeddah.The building materials exhibition coincided with the international oil prices in the doldrums, the Saudi economy held during the weak period. In conversation […]

Yunnan fully automated blending unit installation is completed

Yunnan fully automated blending unit installation is completed The unit has the following characteristics (small footprint, no installation, flexible handling; to achieve low feeding, no steel platform and hoist; unique high pressure spray dispersing device, the rapid realization of liquid – liquid mixture and powder -liquid mixture; Touch screen operation, to achieve a variety of […]

MUHU Attendance of South African Concrete Show

MUHU attendance of South African concrete Show May 20-11, 2016 held in Johannesburg, South Africa, 2016 South Africa Concrete Show, MUHU company participated in the exhibition. With the advancement of the “one belt one road” national strategy, MUHU Company has long-term customers in eight different countries in Africa, through this exhibition to further strengthen the […]

MUHU PC Esters production line put into operation in Qingdao

MUHU PC Esters production line put into operation in Qingdao The production line of polycarboxylate Superplasticizer Esters designed and constructed by MUHU Company was officially put into operation in Qingdao, Shandong Province on August 26, 2016. PCE was much better for its adaptability to concrete customer approval. Especially in many countries abroad has been widely […]

Multifunctional Production Unit for Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer (PC)

Ideal for Ready-mix Concrete Manufacturers *Overview After continuous improvement and innovation to the previous equipment, MUHU engineers developed this mobile and integrated production unit. This new system is featured with heatless production and automated control, which is the break-through in the industry in China. It is environmental protection with zero waste emission and discharge. It […]

Automatically Controlled Mobile Blending Equipment for Concrete Admixtures

Ideal for Blending Admixtures Plants * Background knowledge With the improvement of people’s living conditions and the progress of our society, field workers have stronger expectation for better production settings, especially for less pollution and lower labor intensity. Construction contractors have more and more stringent requirements for project quality. This requires that the admixture performance […]

Technical Cooperation Agreement

The partners we seek are: In the customer’s current city, customers want to build admixture production line. At the same time customers already have their own factories, and in the local construction industry have a certain influence, that is, his customers are willing to accept his new products. Technical cooperation agreement 1. MUHU provides: (1) […]

MUHU Company Participates in Southeast Asia Concrete Show

MUHU Company Participates in Southeast Asia Concrete Show September 14-16, 2016, Southeast Asia Concrete Show held in the Indonesian capital Jakarta, MUHU company with the Chinese exhibitors participated in the exhibition. MUHU company in this exhibition in addition to the introduction of traditional admixture products, the focus of the introduction of MUHU in recent years, […]

Saudi Arabia Jeddah large-scale concrete admixtures automatic production line

MUHU company Saudi Arabia Jeddah large-scale concrete admixtures automatic production line installation and commissioning is completed. In June 2016, MUHU in Saudi Arabia Jeddah large-scale concrete admixtures integrated production line installation and commissioning completed. This production line has the ability to produce naphthalene and polycarboxylate based admixtures at the same time. Powder feed metering is […]

2016 Dubai Concrete Show

MUHU Middle East attended in 2016 Dubai Concrete Show November 21-24, 2016, every two years of the 2016 annual Middle East Concrete show held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates World Trade Center. From around the world, well-known building materials manufacturers exhibitors, nearly 1,500 exhibitors. From more than twenty countries in the Middle East nearly 700 […]

MUHU company attends Iran International Cement, Concrete exhibition

On January 14-17, 2017, MUHU Company participates for the first time in the annual exhibition held in Tehran, Iran. The 9 International Exhibition Of Cement, Concrete, Manufacturing Technology & Related Machineries. The exhibition is for a period of four days. The exhibitors are mainly cement plants, concrete equipment manufacturers and concrete admixtures enterprises. This time, […]

SNF Superplasticizer Production Line in Saudi Arabia —Up and Running

On Aug, 2, 2011, a Naphthalene Superplasticizer Production Line with anticipatedyearly capacity of 20,000 tons was launched. MUHU was in charge of plant design,equipment installation, commissioning and technical training of the whole project, total investment of which was 10 million USD. The plant design featuring pro-environment and electricity auto-control was highlighted on contract signed in […]

Local Production Line Setup

In 2013, MUHU company has developed 2 production lines aiming at providing local technical support to customers. One is heatless and automatic production line of polycarboxylate superplasticizer which produces PCL (40%) mother liquor and compound admixture based on it such as early strengthening type polycarboxylate superplasticizer and high slump retention type retarding polycarboxylate superplasticizer to […]

Industrial Naphthalene Price Still High

According to previous experience, once the construction works stop in winter time, the price of raw material chemicals will decrease especially for naphthalene superplasticizer products. But this year the production cost doesn’t reduce. The reason lies in strict national requirement of environment protection. Chemical industrial products are not promoted by the state and industrial naphthalene […]