Modular House Construction


MUHU energy-saving modules for construction are easy to use. Construction process is essentially inserting building blocks with built-in steel bars, pouring concrete, and forming all in one coordinated step.

MUHU module building has the following advantages:
1. MUHU module wall structures have unsurpassble fire performance, earthquake resistance, anti-falling, anti-seepage, salt and alkali resistance, and exceptional overall safety performance;
2. During the construction process, modules completely replace various blocks of the wall, building formwork and external wall insulation materials with double-layer insulation inside and outside.  The resulting insulation effect is profoundly unsurpassable;
3. No construction wastes are generated during the construction process, and the construction site is substantially smaller and less cluttered;
4. The construction period is short.  The comprehensive cost performance is high, the construction is simple, and the operation is expeditious. This procedure meets all technical requirements for building thermal insulation structure integration.

Construction process:

1. Installing the Ring Beam Module

2. Ring beam module pour

3. plug-in module

4. pouring concrete

5. pumping concrete


7.Lightweight floor and roof installation

8.Cast-in-place roof

9.Main body capping

10.Hanging net plastering

11.Project Completion

Localized production:

The investment amount is 500,000-600,000 US dollars

The facility can be a ready-mix plant, a cement factory, a brick factory or an investment property.

Workshop Area: 2,000 square meters