Superplasticizer in Concrete

Project Manufacturing Know-how Transfer
Specialized Production Line for Melamine Superplasticizer Powder (Turn-key Project)

I. Product Description
This product is a soluable melamine formaldehyde resin based superplasticizer. It has features of no air-entraining. SMF is one of the best existing concrete admixtures in comprehensive properties. It conforms to the requirements of chemical admixture specifications for concrete: ASTM C 494, Type F.


Items Specification
SM-P (Powder) SM-L (40%)
Visual Appearance White Powder Colorless transparent or pale yellow liquid
Sodium sulfate content (%) ≤ 3.0~4.0 ——–
Solid Content (%) —— ≥40±1
Chloride Content (%) 0.3~0.4 0.3~0.4
pH Value 7~9 7~9
Moisture(%)  < 4 4
Cement Paste Flow, (mm)   ≥ 220
Solubility Completely soluble Completely soluble

1.It’s widely used in making high strength mortar and gypsum products, self leveling floor, joint sealing material, grouting materials and so on.
2.It’s used in refractory concrete, steam curing concrete, fair-faced concrete, decorative concrete and colorful concrete.
3.It’s especially used as a brightening agent for pavement and tiles due to good control on water bleeding and shrinkage.
4.It’s used in wintertime because of no deposit in low temperature.

1.Water reducing rate of over 20%, no air entraining effect, no corrosion to steel bars and notable strengthening effect.
2.Recommended dosage: powder: 0.5% by weight of cementitious materials. Liquid: 2-4% by weight of cementitious materials.
3.Good compatibility to common aluminate cement.
4.No crystallization and deposit in winter time.
5.No pollution during production, pro-environment, low investment and easy operation.

II Coverage of know-how transfer
Major raw materials for the SM know-how transfer project
Melamine, formaldehyde, sodium pyrosulphite

Production Process

Equipment name specification quantity
Reactor 5000L 1
Weighing tank 1500L  3
Storage tank  20000L  1
Platform, accessory equipment and pipeline     1
Total   6

Technical service scope
Production formula of sodium melamine superplasticizer
On-site instruction on equipment installation and commissioning
On-site production training
On-site technical training
It can be a turn-key project or individualized according to customer production conditions and requirement.