Seeking Global Partnership

A new technique and equipment to produce polycarboxylate superplasticizer ether concrete admixtures

MUHU is seeking business partners to develop MUHU brand admixtures that meet partners’ market demands.

Partners are responsible for:

1. Provision of plant or workshops;
2. Local marketing and sales;
3. Expenses of plant operations.

MUHU is responsible for:

1. Provision of the production equipment;
2. Technical support including installation and commissioning guidance, personnel training, production training and formula guidance.

Both parties can set up a new factory or use an existing factory and workshop to set up MUHU- Partner named production base. The products will be sold in partner’s country and neighboring countries.

■ Patent certificates

In 2013, MUHU was granted the invention patent certificate of “a polyether polycarboxylate superplasticizer formulation methods” and the applied patent certificate of “polyether production equipment”.

In 2003, MUHU polycarboxylate-type high perforamce water reducer was granted as “new high tech products” by Beijing Goverment.

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