MUHU focuses on product-related services and has complete customer service systems. Besides domestic markets, MUHU has established a branch in Dubai, United Arab Emirates to cover the growing demands for the Middle East and North Africa markets.

As an experienced company in concrete admixtures, MUHU has many experienced senior technical and management staff. Cooperating closely with professors from China Building Material Academy and TsingHua University, MUHU not only keeps updated on leading industry technology and management changes, but also provides comprehensive consulting services for concrete enterprises.

Superb technical support, management concepts and an altruistic team within MUHU company ensures professional management for concrete enterprises. MUHU provides customers with diverse services that will effectively resolve practical problems and improve the market competitiveness for concrete enterprises.

Consultation for the application technique for concrete admixtures:

Training and guiding on how to correctly choose and use concrete admixtures and how to solve actual problems in real projects

Concrete technology consultation:

Establish quality management systems to reduce unit product costs under the condition of maintaining concrete quality.

Consultation for general management of concrete enterprises:

Includes management of production, facilities, materials, personal training and progression as well as whole lines undertaking cooperation.

Consultation for station establishing of concrete enterprises:

It includes allocation plans, equipment purchases, investment analysis, business strategies and capital construction.

Service process

1. Project analysis:

Collect the basic information and business data for enterprises, confirm cooperation intentions, and discuss with customers about how to implement consulting plans.

2. Project analysis:

After comprehensive analysis, the initial project proposal can be made based on customer’s need.

3. Contract discussion

After thorough discussions, if both sides agree on the consulting plan, we will sign the contract.

4. Project implementation

MUHU provides detailed project plans and helps implement the plans by designating duties for the project teams to the customer’s factory.

5. Follow-up services

MUHU may extend services and support after the project is implemented.