No. Name of Equipment Remarks
1 Model TYE-2000B Compression Testing Machine LED and miniprinter
2 Model JYZ700 Accelerated Concrete Curing Box
3 Model HBY-40A Standard Curing Cabinet ±1℃, effective capacity:0.4 m3
4 Model ZT-1×1 Vibrator
5 Model HC-7L Concrete Mix Air Entrainment Meter 2.1 ppm
6 Model VBR-1 Vibro Consistometer
7 Model HJW60 Mixer For Concrete Test
8 Accelerated Concreted Specimen
9 Mould 1503
10 Tri-mould 1003
11 Model JJ-5 Mixer for Cement Mortar GB standard
12 Moedl SHR-650II Calorimeteric Apparatus
13 Model SM-500 Test Mill With 100 kg grinding media
14 Model HBY-III Automatic Constant temperature and Humidity control System for Concrete Curing Room
15 Model DKZ-5000 Electric Flexure Testing Device
16 Model SF-150 Negative pressure Sieve Apparatus
17 Model NLD-3 Mororized Cement Mortar Flow Table
18 Model NJ-160A Mixer for Cement Paste
19 Model DBS-300 Standard Sieve Shaker ForФ200、Ф300 sieve
20 Electronic Balance 1200g/0.1g MP12001
21 Electronic Balance 100g/0.01g MP1002
22 Electronic Balance 200g/0.001g JA2003
23 Apparatus for Testing Normal consistency and Setting Time of Cement Paste (Vicat Apparatus)
24 Electronic Scale 60kg
25 Platform Balance 10kg/5g AGT-10
26 Table Balance 500g/0.5g
27 Slump Cone