MUHU company attends Iran International Cement, Concrete exhibition

On January 14-17, 2017, MUHU Company participates for the first time in the annual exhibition held in Tehran, Iran. The 9 International Exhibition Of Cement, Concrete, Manufacturing Technology & Related Machineries.

The exhibition is for a period of four days. The exhibitors are mainly cement plants, concrete equipment manufacturers and concrete admixtures enterprises. This time, we use both MUHU admixture manufacturers also admixtures equipment manufacturer, will provide customers from product technology – equipment – raw materials for production of the package of services. Participants have been recognized by customers. At the same time an invitation to customers, if both sides are interested, can talk about deep technical cooperation. Our old customers take a plane from Shiraz, Isfahan to the Tehran exhibition center and talk to us. Talk about their market situation, talk about the cooperation of both sides, talk about their current difficulties. Up to now, our company has successfully applied for the success of customers Kunlun bank account information, customers can choose to pay outside the RMB or they can also choose the euro payment. So as to provide customers with convenient payment methods for more Iranian customers to provide high-quality admixture products and professional additives technical support services to lay a good foundation.