Automatically Controlled Mobile Blending Equipment for Concrete Admixtures

Ideal for Blending Admixtures Plants

* Background knowledge

With the improvement of people’s living conditions and the progress of our society, field workers have stronger expectation for better production settings, especially for less pollution and lower labor intensity. Construction contractors have more and more stringent requirements for project quality. This requires that the admixture performance is better, the production process is more environmentally friendly, and the quality is more assured. Production equipment must be developed and improvement.

MUHU develops a new generation of automatically controlled superplasticizer compounding equipment. This equipment is multi-purpose admixture compounding equipment. It can be used in concrete production enterprises and admixture blending plants.


Ergonomic engineering design
1. Automatic control allows one button press to complete the whole production. In the entire process, one worker is needed only.
2. This equipment has changed the traditional top-feeding mode production. The operator stands on the ground floor to complete the feeding task safely and easily.
3. This equipment has a dust collector, which results in a cleaner environment and protects the workers health.
4. This equipment can blend polycarboxylate admixtures, naphthalene admixture, or other powders and liquids.

Unique high-pressure spray dispersion equipment
The unique hybrid technology and the high-pressure spray dispersion technology are adopted to effectively solve the long mixing time of compulsory mixer. High-pressure spray equipment can make materials dispersed evenly. Compared with traditional mixing, the efficiency is greatly improved.

Removable and modular-based
The installation and disassembly is fast and easy, which makes it convenient to produce in different locations. Thus, it greatly reduces the cost of shipping materials to different station.

Multiple protection prompts, more secure and reliable production
1. Buzzer prompt: When worker manually input the powder materials or when production is completed to allow discharge, different sound is used to remind.
2. LCD display, formula edit/save/ selection function: Through the relevant text prompts on LCD screen, the used can easily edit, save and select the formula, without reading the operation manual.
3. Recovering from emergency and power failure: The electronic control system not only allow to edit/ store superplasticizer blending formula, but also to save and track each step in the production process. In the event of emergency (urgency or power outage), the program can be stopped by pressing a key. After the status is recovered, one key pressed can continue the production. There is no quality accident.
4. Operation security setting: in order to ensure the confidentiality of production formula and the safe operation of equipment, different passwords can be set for each operator and formula editor.

*The hardware requirements:
1. The plant: height 3.5 meters; equipment floor area 5-8 SQR meters
2. Required power:7.5 Kw
3. Water comsumption:30 tons/day.