Technical Cooperation Agreement

The partners we seek are:

In the customer’s current city, customers want to build admixture production line. At the same time customers already have their own factories, and in the local construction industry have a certain influence, that is, his customers are willing to accept his new products.

Technical cooperation agreement

1. MUHU provides:
(1) concrete admixture production equipment, including:
A. polycarboxylate superplasticizer synthesis and blending unit with the fully automated production line;
B. naphthalene-based and lignin admixtures blending unit with the fully automated production line;
(2) technical support for concrete admixtures, including:
A. production line installation and commissioning guidance, until the customer’s production line is into normal production;
B. Providing admixture formulations;
C. RMC concrete plant dedicated field admixture formulation ;
D. personnel training.
(3) production of raw materials required for admixtures

2. MUHU company provides the following :
(1) production equipment: Ownership of the production equipment belongs solely to MUHU company, the right to use belongs to the customer, the customer shall not transfer the production equipment to other cities without the written permission from MUHU, and shall not sell or lease to any third parties
(2) technical support

3.Purchase of raw materials from MUHU;
MUHU provides to a competitive price.

4. Deposit
(1) 50% of the cost of production equipment as a deposit, such as polycarboxylate superplasticizer production line equipment cost is 40000USD, then the deposit is 20000USD; blending admixtures production line equipment cost is 20000USD (including the customer’s truck connected flowmeter and pump equipment) Then the deposit is 10000USD, a total deposit is 30000USD;
(2) The technical confidentiality fee, is 5000USD, the customer does not disclose to third parties, sales, leasing and other forms of production formula, technical information and other technical confidential information.

5. MUHU standard charges:
(1) polycarboxylate superplasticizer production line of synthetic products, including PC-F and PC-G products, each batch charge 100USD;
(2) polycarboxylate based, naphthalene based and lignin based admxitures blending products, each batch charge 10USD.

6. Deposit refund:
(1) polycarboxylate superplasticizer synthesis production reached 500 batches, we can return the deposit 20000USD;
(2) polycarboxylate based, naphthalene based and lignin based admxitures blending production to 2000 batches, we can return the deposit 10000USD;
(3) the two sides contract expires, the termination of the contract, the return of technical confidentiality fee of 5000USD.

7. Payment of MUHU standard charges:
Each quarter the customer provides the batch produced, and view the equipment records to confirm the above data is true and effective. By our company to calculate the final amount of the production costs this quarter, the payment by the customer to our Middle East bank accounts;

8. MUHU provides free of charge equipment accessories and technical support , if the need for on-site service, the customer needs to provide staff round-trip airfare and visa fees, the local accommodation costs, transportation and all other costs;

9. The duration of the cooperation is 10 years.