Industrial Naphthalene Price Still High

According to previous experience, once the construction works stop in winter time, the price of raw material chemicals will decrease especially for naphthalene superplasticizer products. But this year the production cost doesn’t reduce. The reason lies in strict national requirement of environment protection. Chemical industrial products are not promoted by the state and industrial naphthalene factory meets large market and social pressure. Some are about to close. This leads to the raw material cost of naphthalene superplasticizer staying high. Some people add auxiliary chemicals in water reducers to get customers, which brings worse concrete performance even project quality problem.

Nonetheless, MUHU company always adheres to the principle of quality first and service first to make high quality products and provide high quality technical support. We get favors of more and more international customers. As high-tech enterprise, we focus on the production, research and development, which has been 25 years. We’ve got our products well proved in large projects such as Beijing West Railway station, Three Gorges, Beijing-Shenyang Express Way, Hancheng Power Station and overseas market in South East Asia, Middle East, Mid and South America, Africa etc, especially on aid projects. In term of technology efforts, we also focus on research and development of new product and new technique. The heatless and automatic production line and compounding production line of 2013 are good proof. We help customer save transportation and package cost to win bigger market through local production.