Local Production Line Setup

In 2013, MUHU company has developed 2 production lines aiming at providing local technical support to customers.

One is heatless and automatic production line of polycarboxylate superplasticizer which produces PCL (40%) mother liquor and compound admixture based on it such as early strengthening type polycarboxylate superplasticizer and high slump retention type retarding polycarboxylate superplasticizer to meet the requirement of ready mix station and precast factory. The production equipment cost is 50000 USD. Production capacity can be 5 ton/batch or 10 ton/batch. Each batch takes around 4 hours. Assuming working time for each day to be 8 hours, the turnout will be 10 tons or 20 tons of PCL (40%) mother liquor correspondingly and 40 tons-80 tons of retarding superplasticizer for ready mix stations. Here’s the 3D drawing of this line.

The other is automatic compounding line which produces naphthalene-based compound admixture such as super early strengthening superplasticizer MNC-A1, anti-freezing superplasticizer MNC-C for use at minus 15-20℃, high performance water repellent admixture MNC-D, high performance pumping aid for use in ready mix station MNC-P and high slump retaining type retarding superplasticizer MNC-HHJ. This line can also be used to compound polycarboxylate-based superplasticizer such as early strengthening type and high slump retention type etc. The capacity can be 5 ton/batch or 10 ton/batch. Each batch takes 40 minutes. Here’s 3D drawing of this line.

If customer is interested in above products and plan to produce locally, firstly it’s necessary to do lab test with our sample as admixture performance is related with cementitious materials. If the sample test result meets customer requirement, we can sign contract. We design production line according to customer need and start preparing production equipment. After the equipment arrives at discharge port, we send technical team to give on-site services. On one hand, the instruction of equipment installation. On the other hand, technical instruction of chemical admixtures. Finally our electrical engineer will finish installation and commissioning of the whole production line for customer to produce qualified product.

One year’s experience gets us positive feedback from customers as this helps customer save transportation and package cost to win bigger market.