Heatless Production System For New Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer
Blending Unit
Dry Mortar Production line
SNF Synthetic Workshop

Concrete Admixture Technology know-how Transfer

In order to provide one-stop service to customers, MUHU also offers know-how assistance besides supplying products.

Watch this video for detailed information of the production equipment and technology know-how transfer of concrete admixtures.

The coverage for technology know-how transfer:


1. Production line designing technical requirements and physical on-site conditions. Conducting preliminary feasibility analyses

2. Providing essential equipment specifications, assisting equipment purchases, and instructing equipment installation and commissioning

3. Designing and setting up laboratories.


Transferring product formulation and manufacturing processes.


1. Teach employees to produce qualified products.

2. Training lab workers so that they can independently test finished products and raw materials

Technical support and services

MUHU Company is dedicated to providing customers with the complete solutions from basic raw materials to the final admixture products. MUHU provides customized services. Based on the product compatibility experiment, MUHU engineers will design the best-fit production process according to the customer’s available resources and materials. To meet the environmental requirements from customers, MUHU provides automatically controlled production equipment with high accuracy.

MUHU has been granted a number of national patent certificates in the field of products and equipment. There are over one hundred businesses globally using MUHU’s technology and equipment. Fulfilling customer needs is our job and customer satisfaction is our goal. MUHU will always be customer-centric and continuously striving to be your reliable partner in the admixture industry.

Product raw material

In addition to product formula and production equipment, MUHU also provides raw materials for production based on customers’ specific requirements. Using MUHU products and raw materials has the following advantages:

1. MUHU has been working closely with major raw material suppliers in China for a long-time. Bulk procurement can assure stable quality, but at a lower cost.

2. MUHU has a very strong inspection technology and quality assurance system, which ensures the quality of each batch of raw material meets the production requirements. Thus, MUHU’s partners may save on inspection processes and costs.

3. MUHU owns warehouses with over 10,000 SQ meters. Product inventory and variety is large. Our extensive inventory ensures a stable supply is always available in dynamic supply markets.

4. MUHU’s logistics team can safely deliver raw materials to customers on time and at lower costs. Based on product formulas, customers may place orders as they need. MUHU provides one-stop shopping to help customers improve their cash flow.

Applications projects

In order to provide one-stop service to customers, MUHU also offers know-how support along with supplying products

One of MUHU’s Saudi Arabia Projects

Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer production line in Turkey

Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer production line in India

Admixture Blending Unit production line

Admixture Blending Unit production line-2

SNF superplasticizer project

Dry mortar production line

Brightening agent project

Automatic PLC Control System

Lab Designed in Dubai

SNF Synthetic Workshop

Drying Workshop